How did it start?

Boredom. The worst thing that can happen to your relationship with food. You're waking up in a morning and all you get is the same (or similar) meal. You're not longer enjoying it really so you just eat it fast to kill the hunger. Same with a lunch and a dinner. And it's even worst when you're trying to loose some weight...

It's as simple equation really: Boring + Not tasty = Unhappy You... 

So what now?

Eating should be fun, it should be a discovery. Believe me, it doesn't take a lot of time effort and money (in fact it's often less expensive!) to make a different and healthy breakfast every day. Sure it requires some planning (you don't want to do shopping everyday) and sometimes a little bit courage to try new things but soon you'll discover it's an amazing journey full of flavors and joy. These will help you to enjoy your day, improve the quality of your meals and stay fit.

And the one last tiny thing. If you have kids, eating quality food and having fun with it, will encourage them to try new things and new flavors. They might not like some at first, they may say "this looks weird" but at some point they will try and they will fall in love with some of your meals. Healthy and tasty meals, without lot of ketchup;)